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Steam Exchange® decentralized ecosystem, powered by Rails Network® & a proprietary consensus mechanism - Proof of Work by Authority (PoWbA)

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Rails Network® is an EVM compatible blockchain with a proprietary consensus mechanism called Proof of Work by Authority or PoWbA for short.

Proof of Work by Authority:

Proof of Work by Authority (PoWbA) is a unique & proprietary consensus mechanism. A hybrid of Proof of Work, and Proof of Authority that prevents deployment of smart contracts without authorization. The biggest use case for this is to prevent bad actors from deploying anything malicious on the chain.

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EVM to EVM Bridge:

The Rails Network® EVM to EVM bridge allows you to seamlessly transfer USDC from ETH to Rails Network® with a high sense of security and confidence. Once bridged, you will be able to trade your USDC for our Native STEAMX Coin.

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Cross-Chain Swap:

The Rails Network® Cross-Chain swap allows you to easily trade crypto on your favorite chains. Featuring the Rails Network®, trade effortlessly between STEAMX Coin and other Rails Network® tokens.

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Rails Network® Depot:

The Rails Network® Depot brings all our tools into a single DApp. Our DEX, Bridge, Explorers, Support Pages, and more! Access our ecosystem from a single link preventing accidental exposure to external ones.

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