Rails Network® Tokenomics

$STEAMX is the native coin of the Rails Network® blockchain. $STEAMX is used to pay validators, as well as for processing transactions on the network. $STEAMX is also the main trading utility and paired with other tokens on the network.

$STEAMX Details:

Network Rails Network®
Token Standard RTS-20
Explorer https://explore.steamexchange.io
Initial Supply ~165,143,664

$STEAMX Allocation & Release Schedule

  • Community Reserve - 59.49%
    Coins currently held by existing holders
  • Treasury - 9.39%
    Allocation assigned to future listings, pairs, marketing initiatives, and partnerships
  • Team & Advisories - 9%
    Core Team, Extended Team, Developers, Advisors
    Locked for 4 months, then vested for 12 months
  • Burn Allocation - 8.48%
    Allocation dedicated to the Rails Network® burn schedule
  • Development - 6%
    Further development of the Rails Network® ecosystem
  • Rebates - 3%
    Rebate allocation for migrations that took place between BSC and Rails Network®
  • Pool Allocation - 3.75%
    Allocation assigned to the STEAMX/USDC Pair on Rails Network®
  • Marketing Grants - 0.89%
    Marketing initiatives for incubated projects and partners